What is human resource management?


Human Resource Management  or more popular as HRM or HR is a key strategic component for all the mid to large size  companies  around the world. Nevertheless  of the size of company, well designed HRM functionalities  can maximize the employee performances on every side.

Simply Human Resourcing is a primary but very important  concern in every company. Every employee get various benefits through proper HR.   The management officials are responsible for focusing on policies and etc .  HR department of a company do many tasks related to HRM including employee recruitments, trainings, performance appraisals and managing employee benefits.


Core areas covered by HR Management?

  • Job Design & Analysis/  Work Design or Task Design

This refer to the methods of jobs in order to satisfy both organizational personal requirements of both company and employee.  Key goal of this process is to improve job satisfaction by reducing employee  problems.

  • Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is the logical classification and analysis of the needs of an organization. Here team of experts will plan what company is going to achieve in term of size, skill and workforce for coming period of year based on the statistics of the past.

  • Recruitment and Selection

Employees are the most important asset of a company.  So during recruitment HR department organize proper interviews and select suitable candidates for jobs.

  • Training and Development

Key goal of  training process is to  improve  the performance of employees with new technologies and tools.

  • Performance Management

Performance Management process ensure that company/  projects goals are met effectively and  efficiently.

  • Compensation or Remuneration

This is what you get for the work  you perform in the company.  Remuneration or salary should be facilitate to increase through a proper mechanism as this is known to be one of key component in reward management.

  • Legal Issues

Every country has a proper prepared labor law/ company law  to protect worker’s rights and to manage relationship between company and employees.


Benefits of  having a HR to a company?

You may running a small, medium of a large business but having  HRM system inside your business will drive you to immense number of benefits.

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all company processes
  • Will Increase job Performances
  • Easy to manage and benefits and salary improvements
  • Effective Complaint management
  • Process of recruitments and interviews will be easy to arrange and give more posibility to hire best candidate for best packages